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  1. The real steel version can accept Glock 21 mags, in fact the Vectors mags are actual Glock 21 mags with a Kriss extension on the bottom so anything that fits those mags!
  2. Yet another to avoid Humber airsoft
  3. No worries, if you do decide to go down the licensed route, its a Simple UK business radio license you should apply for!
  4. I use Boafeng UV-5R's. in short they're perfect for airsoft use, can even order a double pack like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2PCS-BAOFENG-UV-5R-Black-Dual-Band-136-174-400-520MHz-Radio-UV-5R-Earpiece-UK-/172055945873?hash=item280f556291:g:2HYAAOSwNRdYB0BV The only problem with them is they are much too powerful to use on the public PMR 446 channels (the free to use ones) the easy way around this is to buy a simple radio license, think it cost me £50 for 5 years - that gets you your very own set of frequencies to mess around with and shout over to your hearts content, without overpowering the free channels and ruining everyone else's time! You can apply for a license here: https://secure.ofcom.org.uk/busrad/
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