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  1. None have them in black though :/ I rang Patrol Base and they said they had placed an order for the MK2 CRB but they are unsure of when they will arrive
  2. Thank you for all your guys advice it really has helped! Im still stuck though thanks to that g&g post it is looking hard for me to locate a MK1 of the Krytac so until the MK2 stock comes out im kinds stuffed
  3. @BAZJJ thanks for the info dude, do you have any idea how accurate they are? Also where can I pre-order one it seems its not due to release till 'summer 2016'
  4. @sittingduck but if there is that much of a difference why are the prices so similar?
  5. Looking to get rid of my CM.039c due to it being far to heavy, bulky and long. Its not a great gun for a guy of my size 5'8 with a small light frame. Sounds sad but all the weight is holding me down I feel. Plus I want something more higher end. I am stuck between two brands and two rifles. Option one is the Krytac Trident MK2 CRB. Option 2 is the G&G GC16 Wildhog 9'. Both weigh roughly the same at around 2.5kg opposed to my current CM.039 sitting at over 3.8kg. Both much shorter at around 700mm compared to the CM.039c at 950mm. I play pretty much village operations and also woodland a lot. so medium range is a need and high rate of fire would be awesome. I don't intend to upgrade, I want an out the box amazing wepon. I am open to opinion for other brands too please post other options too! Budget under £400 Cheers Luca
  6. Thanks for both your guys help, I'm looking on that hobby king and the batteries say 25c-50c or 15c-20c none that are just like 20c does this matter? EDIT: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__67731__Turnigy_nano_tech_1200mAh_2s_25_50C_Lipo_AIRSOFT_Pack_T_Connector_.html This one looks like it could be the one I need
  7. Also why does everyone get LiPo instead of the standard type? What's so good about them?
  8. Thanks for your advise guys I'll leave it for now then, Dou not even recommend getting a good quality spring due to me not knowing what quality spring my site replaced mine with? Also can you recommend a good charger for a lipo and a good lipo brand? Not fussed about the price
  9. I have a CYMA CM.039C (http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cnm-039c-full-metal?from=listing&campaign-id=14) but I am now looking to upgrade where necessary and where possible. Everything is currently the original parts other than the spring which was downgraded by my site to lower FPS due to it being too hot for full auto. But I want to change the spring too due to not knowing the quality or brand of the spring. I have also change my batteries and have some 1600MaH Stick batteries apposed to my standard 1200MaH. I was wanting to change my gear box but wasn't sure whether to find a fully built V3 gearbox which I am struggling to find as I don't know which gearbox's are best or which I need or whether I should just upgrade the parts inside my current gearbox IE motor, spring ect. I was thinking about changing the barrel possibly but wasn't sure of the quality of the standard one. Things I am trying to improve on are Accuracy, Range, Rate Of Fire, (Not major but would love a beastly sounding motor when I'm firing) and finally the quality of the parts. Looking to keep FPS under 350 on .28's/.26's so I can keep full auto!
  10. When I was talking about FPS i meant like before when it it the target it felt harder hitting so they would definitly know they were hit apposed to just a slight tap to meaning to be mean or anything but you honestly cant feel some hits from a distance. BTW I only play outdoors in large areas like woodland ect 330 is on .2's but now I read the recommended for my gun I want to be using .26's-3's which of course is lowering my fps more and I did not know this before I was able to read up on it. No had chance to chrono on .26+ on either of my springs so I guess I will never know with the old one but I'll have to do some checking with the new on .26's+ Thats a good point I did forget the check my hop 0.0 what a noob! lol thanks for the advise I shall check that next and I'll learn to strip my gun and buy a few springs to find whats best! Is mine a high torque?
  11. LucaGiorgio


    I am new to airsofting and I had my first gun for Christmas just gone. I got a CM.039C (http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-039c-full-metal?from=listing&campaign-id=14) out the box hit was shooting 430FPS as it says its supposed to. This was too hot for my site for a full auto which needs to be 350 or below. The site allowed me to use it on single fire only which I completely loved! Not sure if this was down to it being my first time using the gun but it seemed pretty accurate. The owner of the site I think kinda scammed me of £30 to change to spring to get it under the 350. It now shoots at 330ish and it doesn't feel like the same gun anymore and I've totally gone off wanting to use it. It feels as though is not accurate at medium to long distances and it seems even at short range the power is no longer there. Of course with it being a Cyma its RPM is slow which I also want to change but I have no idea how to do any of this! After thinking about it rather than bodging the gun up doing upgrades myself I might invest in a better gun and i've been looking at these two: APS ASR 117 (http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/asr117-boar-tactical-ebb-full-metal-aps?from=listing&campaign-id=19) and the APS ASR 116 (http://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/asr116-lpa-ebb-full-metal-aps?from=listing&campaign-id=20) Now these seem to be better and seen some good reports about their new gearbox but still unsure of what to do! The 116 is much lighter than my AK meaning easier to carry on long day and long weekends but im really unsure of what to do incase I buy the 116 or 117 and their rate of fire, accuracy and range turn our to be no so good either! HELP!
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