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  1. Have a look at the E&L ak's on Redwolf UK, they are on deal, 30%-49%off
  2. Ok, but what would you say, buy the Cyma box and put it in an E&L Ak conversion kit, buy a cyma and upgrade, or buy a E&L full AK
  3. but i can buy cyma gearboxes on amazon, with motors and everything for 50 pounds
  4. Hi, i was thinking of buying an Ak body and i would like to know if anyone knows a good gearbox and motor to fit in it
  5. It's funny, as you sent this, i was just looking at it!
  6. I have been looking at the krytacs, but i may have to buy one second hand, i also saw a we hk416c (888c) does anyone have any info/short review? I will have a check at the mobius, thanks
  7. Hello airsofters, i have played a few games with rental equipment and really love it, i currently have 2 show pieces and 1 real working gun: - King arms M1A1 - Full metal Mp40 - WE tech custom Glock 19 (race style) I am very interested in getting an m4 style gun, and i have a £300 maximum (looking for around 250). I would also be interested in an AK platform, but with a PMC kind of look (for example the G&G rk74-E that comes out this year). I would also be looking at a sniper role and would be very interested in the Tokyo marui vsr-10 (pro sniper). I may also be starting to video my matches, and am very interested in camera gear e.g. Mobius If anyone would be willing to suggest some guns that would fit, please let me know.
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