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  1. Come on, man. No disrespect to The Mall, it's an awesome site, but it's 47 miles away. Hardly just down the road. We are in Zone 1 London. 4min walk from a tube station. We're only £5 dearer. With free off street parking (and that's like gold in London). Toilets, showers and a bar in the top floor. And yes, we don't offer 6hr game sessions, but we're in the heart of London. It's not cheap for me to hire space in this location.
  2. Because these issues are with Airbourne Airsoft and not the site. This is not indicative of how Ultimate Airsoft runs its games or its site. If you came to me to look to hire the venue and run your own own games, then they would be run by YOU. And then you'd have to deal with complaints when you or one of your crew make a bad judgement call or just stuff up. Please don't condemn the site just because a third party has had issues. This is not the fault of Ultimate Airsoft Whitechapel or the venue. Your being a bit unfair. And it is entirely possible (actually, a fact) that there are many players who are really happy with the way Airbourne Airsoft run the majority of their games and are prepared to come onto this forum in their defence. Don't disrespect them for it. If you want to talk to me about hiring my site then please, come and talk.
  3. Thanks for this. I'll look into introducing a policy for any player using HPA.
  4. Please understand, we are not Airbourne Airsoft Blitz CQB. These issues are with how they run their games. However, drinking, whether it's a player or a marshal is an absolute no no. Airbourne Airsoft have been instructed that this does not happen again. In fairness, I think this was a brief lack of judgement on their part, but they have been told in no uncertain terms that it cannot happen. As for overkill, come on. This happens in every Airsoft game everywhere. I'm sure you've laid on one or two many rounds more than is needed at times. By the time a player is indicating a hit there could be 10 rounds in the air. No site can have a marshal on every players shoulder. This is an accepted, if unwelcome, part of playing the game. What's not acceptable is overkill with hot guns. I've addressed the issue of chronographing so hopefully this will at least make it bearable. Bear in mind, if a player is caught purposely overkilling, hot or not, they will be barred. The fact that stated that works are being done "as I speak" is a fair indication that "action" is being taken to correct modt of these issues. Forgive my ignorance, but I don't know what polarstar means.
  5. I am also the owner of Bunker 51. I have two other Airsoft groups who use the site as well as beginning to run my own games with my staff. In addition, the site runs as an overflow for our laser tag operation which is at the front of the site. We also hire the site out for immersive theatre experinces and private functions. It's getting used s lot. Wolf have been invited down to view the site but haven't as yet. BYOM is something we could look at at times we're not busy.
  6. Hi Brightcandle. My name is David Jones and I own Ultimate Airsoft in Whitechapel in London. Thank you for your post and your valuable feedback. I am really sorry to hear that Blitz CQB did not live up to your expectations. I fully take on board what you have said especially your concerns regarding safety. Let me first point out that Airbourne Airsoft run their Blitz CQB from my site. In my experience with Kenny and his team, they run a really tight and professional game, and I'm sorry if they have fallen short in this occasion. I'm sure they will want to make it up to you if you would be up to giving them another chance. And that's FOC on me. Let me address some of your concerns. Chrono I obviously have a chrono on site and am not sure why it is not being used. Rest assured, from this moment on all players will be required to chrono test their weapons upon entry to the game zones. As we speak, my team are setting up individual team chrono stations as you walk into each side of the field. This will cut down on the time to ensure maximum game time. 328ft/s make absolute sense on our site, not just for safety, but also for comfortable and enjoyable game play. Marshalling I will insist that at least one marshal be present in the game zone at all times. As I'm sure you are aware, the site has many blind spots and it's not going to be feasible to have eyes everywhere but you are absolutely right in that a marshal should be present in the field. The marshal booth is for controlling the game and not for safety observation. Music We'll turn it down. Should only be there for atmospherics. Size Come on, it's not all about the size (or so I keep telling my wife!). Yes, we're not the biggest CQB site. But that's what CQB is all about. Even the Epsom Tunnels can't give the kind of game play Ultimate Airsoft can give. There are a multitude of rooms and angles that can result in some awesome firefights. If there was enough cover. Leads me to the next point. Cover I completely take on board the remarks about the respawn area. My team will work with Kenny this week to work out how we can close down some of the kill zones and even up the game play from both sides. Hands up, this is my bad. We did identify this earlier and I will ensure this gets sorted this week. Price Yes we are a little dearer than other sites. But to be fair, there are few (if any) sites so centrally located in any major city in the country, than Ultimate Airsoft. We have developed a dedicated Airsoft zone, designed by players, for players. We're not a bunch of pallets knocked together. I hope you would agree that it does have a certain wow factor as you walk in. We knew we were going to have to charge a little more but we have really tried to offer a proper cool immersive gaming experience in return. I hope this helps relieve some of your grievances. Let me know if you'll let me make it up to you and get you back down. Regards David Jones Ultimate Airsoft Whitechapel London
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