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  1. I had a very good experience buying from Wolf Armouries recently. Sure their website may not be the best ... but my experience of dealing with Jeremy on a recent transaction was excellent. The chap knows his stuff, speaks properly, was patient with me... and was honest about his ability to get me an item I needed. My items arrived in super-quick time and were very well packaged.


    I will certainly buy from Wolf Armouries again.

  2. I know it's late but would I get away with wearing my Airsoft load out as a halloween costume. I don't care if people ask me "what are u ment to be" but I would care if SO19 turned up coz I was walking to a party with an m4 and 2 glocks.

    You're probably not fit to own rifs if you ask such a question dude

  3. Thanks for the replies... I have some research to do! I am definitely the tinkering type.


    Why is recoil a bonus? I would have thought recoil would decrease accuracy and add complexity? If the objective is to score a hit won't recoil detract from this objective?


    What's the opinion on KWA?

  4. Hey all,


    Another newbie here... I played woods paintball and then tournament (x-ball) paintball for many years but fell out of love with the game. I think Airsoft can fill the void as Iooking back, it's the milsim experience that I no longer get from paintball and that's what I miss!


    So... Where do all the Surrey Airsofters play? I am based in Surrey, KT15.


    I am looking to get a top-end M4... Any suggestions?

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