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  1. Anybody have any input on the bullet ants?
  2. So would recommend v12 over bullet ant
  3. If you've a set of one of the above pros and cons would be ideal
  4. Hi guys and girls, Wanting to purchase my first set of googles ASAP and what some advice. Anyone used both of these? Which set was better? which set was least likely to fog and how bad? Thanks
  5. Yesterday I got my day out at alpha 55 which was brilliant. The site has many games which not one disappointed. Overall a really good day. Only downfall for yesterday was a football team aged around 15 not taking there hits which was annoying to say the least.
  6. Good stuff thanks for the reply. What sort of games do they plan? Are the gun rentals any good?
  7. Hi guys, Off to alpha 55 near mold on Sunday for my first airsoft game. Anyone experience this site? What am I to expect? Very much looking forward to it.
  8. I think I may invest in a pair of those hero shark seem well good and well priced. Also I will get myself a mesh mask and see how it goes. I suppose it's trial and error on what suits personally
  9. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=311371934704
  10. I wouldn't like a bb to the eye. Which brands would be best to purchase? And what websites? Don't really wanna spend over the odds on my first kit just something which will keep in in one piece and get me by
  11. Hi all, I'm new too this site after looking through it the last two weeks. Off to my first game next week and I wanna take my own eye protection and face protection as I don't want the rental gear to hamper my game and put me off airsoft. As it did with paintballing! (Mask steaming up) Could anyone advise me on some reasonable eye protection and lower face protection? Please go easy on me
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