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  1. So im looking for my first airsoft gun and i don't want to pay to much. So i was looking and i found this https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/Well-D90f-AEG-Fully-Automatic-BB-gun-in-Orange.html and i just thought can i go to a skirmish with this and i don't mind if im a little disadvantaged.
  2. I do not have a UKARA licence so i cannot get them and also i cant get a license so should i just buy the 1 i linked because i can get it and just rent when i go to an event?
  3. The cheapest 1 is the ASG Franchi Tactical Shotgun is that skirmishable
  4. Are all these on patrolbase skirmishable.
  5. http://www.justbbguns.co.uk/product/517/2-TONE-BB-GUNS/339/PUMP-SHOTGUNS/2617/MOSSBERG-STOCK im looking for a fairly cheap skirmishing gun and i was just wondering if this is suitable.
  6. So i'm looking to get into airsoft so i just want a fairly cheap spring pistol. It has to be powerful and strong so it won't break after 2 weeks of use. Please post links to pistols you recommend.
  7. They are quite expensive though
  8. So I want to buy my first airsoft gun but i cant decide between th glock and the beretta. Check them out here https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/UHC-P2340-Glock-Electric-Blowback-pistol-bbgun.html and here https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/Blackviper-M92F-Beretta-Electric-Blowback-pistol-in-clear.html and can someone plz tell me which one is the best.
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