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  1. Thanks for that. How much are decent high cap mags roughly?
  2. I've heard it has some issues with feeding the bb's eapecially on semi. Sometimes ok. Sometimes nothing then after a couple of shots 3 or 4 bb's come out at once.
  3. Looking to get one. Just want people's thoughts and experience with them.
  4. I'm over 18. I was going to wait until I'm UKARA registered. I've been into shops and looked at reviews online. From what most people have said they've recommended the raiders as a really good starter gun. They seem really solid. It was just more the blowback feature I was wanting to get more info about.
  5. I've been looking at getting an mp7 recently for cqb. But my mind is starting to look toward the G&G cm16 Raiders. I'm new to airsoft. Not UKARA registered yet. Seen raiders with blow back. I think it looks really cool. My questions are, is it worth the extra money? Is it just something else to break?
  6. Played my first game last week. Not ukara registered....yet. Not a huge budget. About £150. Got the l96 for Christmas a couple of years ago mainly just shot cans with it. Might sell it.
  7. I was looking at getting an mp7. But a few people have suggested pistols. Suggestions please.
  8. Ok. Any ideas where to buy one in the uk.
  9. Is it worth getting the well/umarex then upgrading. Or just save for the TM?
  10. Ok. And will the TM mid cap mags work on that?
  11. Tah. Any idea in where to buy them and the umarex mp7 in the uk for a good price?
  12. Can you use Tokyo marui mp7 AEG mid cap mags on a umarex mp7 AEG?
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