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  1. Chaps many thanks to you all for sharing your experience and taking the time, you have definitly given me something to think about and what ever happens I will not be getting the gun that he wanted...... thanks I am sitting down with him on Sunday and will make sure that he reads this thread, should have an outcome Sunday evening / Monday. Thanks again !
  2. So my son has a small BB pistol which he uses on private land with his friends, he is 15. This year for xmas he wants this bad boy .... WELL MB01 WARRIOR MK3 L96 (ORANGE) KEY FEATURES: - Site-Legal 420Fps (To be confirmed) ?? what does this mean - 25 Round Magazine - Smooth barrel to allow for mounting of any low/high profile scopes - Metal Barrel (Of course!) - Full Working Safety I am not sure that this is even legal ?? I am looking for some advice on weather this is suitable to be used in a field with his friends, also I will ensure that he goes to some supervised games that
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