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  1. Hey all, I'm looking to move into sniping, just wondering if anyone has any experience with some of the cheaper snipers between £120 to £160 (roughly)? I'm also seeing alot of WELL snipers, are they any good? Thanks!
  2. SpekP

    TM M14 DMR?

    Hi there, I'm looking to build a TM M14 DMR - I've looked at building DMR's in the past but have no idea what I would need to et to outfit the internals of a TM? Looking to fire no higher then 400fps and can't see a difference between the SOCOM M14 and normal version other than a longer barrel, are there any other major differences?
  3. Ohh that's harsh, I found some decent looking pictanny rails online which should do the trick..hopefully...
  4. Still that's about a 50FPS upgrade and an extra 10 meters goes a long way. At the moment I'm thinking of just doing externals - new paint job and a horizontal fore grip to get used to modding something like this outside of a kit etc. But thanks for saying how you did yours 'cause I'll probably end up doing the same eventually . It may not be worth the effort for the output itself but at least I can chalk the whole thing down to experience gained.
  5. That is something that worries me, however at least it was only a cheap gun that I don't mind waiting to replace, I'll update when it is finished but it may not be for awhile - again money :/. It's always the money...
  6. Well thanks for understanding Chock and not pushing that I should give up on it or something like that because there really isn't any call for it, I'm defiantly going to try CQB - it sounds much better for my shotgun I just need to find a close enough site and work up the courage to try it . Right now I'm probably too nervous/new to this to try replacing the spring myself. If I do it'll probably be when I have enough money to repair it in case of any muck ups and even then I would practice on weapons that are actually designed to come apart and tune up. For now I'll try larger BBs, like you said Happy .25s sound about right and hopefully they'll have some sort of noticeable effect. Thanks everyone for the help!
  7. You've got a good point there and right now I'm siting at my computer thinking "why AM I using a shotgun?" and honestly I don't have an answer past I prefere using shotguns and snipers to AEGs and seeing as I have 0 money at the moment (I'm still in A Levels and no body wants me for work D: ) this shutgun is somthing I'm trying to make the most of. Although I do have an Mp5 it's been playing up recently and I was never that great a shot with it, I was and am a much better shot with my Franchi. So yeah, it's stupid and impraticle but it's the best I can do . And Preston, thanks for the guide! This is apsolutly perfect, helped me out greatly .
  8. Firstly thanks for all the help the rail looks sweet as and I was considering a slanted grip, and I want to increase the range because I play in an open field map where the majority of the place is open with a few structures to use as cover - because of this I'm put at a huge disadvantage when in combat against any AEG or Sniper asI've got to be well within their range to even consider getting a shot to make contact.
  9. Because as cheap as it is it is surprisingly good, I get loads of kills at the open field map where I play and the only thing that lets me down is the lack of range. Marshalls and other players come up too me often and ask whether it is the Tokyo Marui M3 which they own - and costs about £140 - cause it looks, works and is practically the same in all the speks. I'm not going crazy on it but for what I payed for it it is a briliant gun which I want to work with .
  10. I just found the forum that I read it in and he just used a slightly shorter spring using a '2 spring module'? He says he got 20% more range and power with it. No idea where I got AEG size from...?
  11. I had read somewhere that standard AEG springs would work but I'm reluctant to dissasemble the gun - as you said it isn't meant to be dissasembled and upgraded.
  12. Damn thats a shame, and I was under the impression that if I imputted a more powerful spring the FPS and range would increase. Its the only real problem I have with this gun :/
  13. Hi all, So I have a Franchi SAS tri-shot and was wondering if anyone had any mods I could do to beef it up a bit. Especially if anyone knows how to replace the spring to increase the range (as you can guess I'm new to modifying and to most things airsoft past pointing the gun and pulling the trigger ). Thanks all - the link is too the gun itself, it's almost identicle to the Tokyo Marui M3. SpekP http://www.airsoftworld.net/franchi-sas-12-cqb-triple-barelled-shotgun.html
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