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  1. Would anyone be able to give me advice on were to get a lower frame for a we glock 18c gen 4 as mine is tan and would like a black one but didn't want to paint it. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice i know what i need to buy to be able to shoot people and I've already been looking at a few but just undecided for now. I put this post on as i wasn't sure if I could get or use plastic bbs with this gun instead of metal ones for target practice nothing else as i already new it wasn't for shooting people Thanks again
  3. I never intended to use it for anything other than target practice but was considering swapping for something I could use for target practice and out against others.
  4. Yeah i know its very powerful only using it for target practice just wondered if i could use plastic bbs instead of the metal bbs Thanks
  5. I'm new to the airsoft world and need advice please my friend gave me his sig sauer gsr 4.5mm metal bb co2 pistol its been two toned. I would like to know if i can use plastic bbs instead of metal bbs Thanks
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