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I ordered goods from Midas Airsoft on 16th January.


After a week I contacted them to say the goods hadn't turned up.


I got a reply from Neil Hogan saying they had been dispatched but they were having trouble with the post and to wait until the following Wednesday and if the goods havent arrived to contact them.


I waited and as the goods hadn't shown up I emailed Neil Hogan.


I got no acknowledgement or reply to my email.


I sent a further email a couple of days ago which, to date, has not been replied to.

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I also had issues with Midas over replacement gears. Had to chase and then started to get no reply. I was contacted by Neil (new owner) over Christmas and new gears did then come through, but it was a couple of months end to end. So while I happy to finally have gears, would advise caution maybe calling to verify stock before ordering especially anything you need quickly or over a few pounds in value.


Email copy below showing ownership transfer:


"Hi my name is Neil and as of 23/12/2011 I am the New owner of Midas Airsoft.


Over the holidays I have been going through the stock checking levels etc and I have just found paperwork relating to an order you placed. I am unsure if this was sent to you ?


If it was then that’s great, if you did not receive anything please accept my apology and I will either sent it out ASAP (Wednesday 3rd, as 2nd is holiday here in Scotland) or give you a full refund via pay pal?


Hope that this hasn’t caused any real problems and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know.


Neil Hogan

Midas Airsoft."


As noted above, this was followed by my gears as promised in his email.

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If you can deal with someone by phone, then do so, it is a lot more instant than email and shows you are after a quick solution to your issues and aren't willing to brushed aside by emails which are only trying to fob you off.

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