Airsoft. The most expensive hobby in the world.

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In the case of airsoft, its not too bad as I do sell guns I get bored of and reinvest the money in new toys.


Exactly what I do, I sell my current gun before I move onto the next one, I have to add a bit obviously. Although since I'm getting a 400fps DMR I'm gonna have to invest a bit extra in a back-up, never really seen the need before now. Plus my gf has now expressed an interest so I might have to buy her something (well, myself something "for her" ;) )

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Having kept a running total of everything I spent on airsoft over the last five years, including weapons, ammo, site fees, gear, etc., it's running at over £5K at the moment, even allowing for the weapons & kit I've sold on when no longer needed / wanted. So yes, it can be a very expensive hobby.

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