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Selling a Drum Kit

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Hi all, thought I would stick this in here as it is not airsoft related. However, I may take something airsoft-y in exchange/ part exchange.


I am selling the kit for £150 ONO + P&P




Based on a Stagg Starter Kit (£60-£200 Retail):

22" Bass with pedal, 2 mounted toms, floor tom, snare.

This has seen a fair bit of use.

Toms: perfect working condition

Snare: minor damage

Bass drum: damaged skin, will need replacing.



Stagg 20" Ride (£129)

Paiste 101 Brass 12" Splash (£20)

Paiste 101 Brass 14" Crash (£26)

Planet Z (Zildjian) 18" Crash Ride (£50)

Planet Z (Zildjian) 14" Hi-Hats (£50)


Also included:

3 sets of sticks

Stool (well used)

5 cymbal stands


Approx Total: £350, Selling for £150 ONO + P&P






More at


UK only, ideally someone will collect from the Essex area as it is not cheap to get around! However, if you are interested I might be able to bring it to you.

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Going to have to close this I'm afraid, even though you've stuck it in the best place it could probably go.


If everyone started doing this, we'd just have a nightmare trying to police all these different sales. More info can be found in Forum Feedback forum.



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