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This is some mad rant I had copy over from "froum competition, hear me out" , What do you think have i gone nuts of is there a idea there ......






There is a guy on YouTube called scoutthedoggie if you don’t know about him he go's round Airsoft sites in the UK making videos of Airsoft games for his channel, offering him a space on AF-UK would expand his fan and contact base and give a place for Airsofters to see and talk about the vids content. It would also let the new gamers see Airsoft on the AF-UK as well as talking about it.


An AF-UK Airsoft calendar with colour coding for Scotland, England, Wales and the London area. Maybe actively seek out Airsoft sites to sign up and set up an auto script to send a reminder to update there calendar via email.


When an Airsoft site signs up to the calendar you could send some free AF-UK embroidered patches to give to there staff or members so that more people will see them and check out the site and hopefully buy there own patches


After AF-UK has a good number of sites on the calendar you could try a charity day instead of a charity skirmish on one site. AF-UK could try to get all Airsoft sites in the UK (or as many as possible) to have charity a game with as much money as possible going into one pot and giving to charity X, Doing it all over the UK on one day and raising so much money would make AF-UK and all of the UK Airsoft community look good


Maybe make a competition out of it and there could even be some positive press out of it for UK Airsoft


Anyway just a idea

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scoutthedoggie already has huge exposure, so I don't really know if he'd be interested in anything to do with us. If anyone actually knows him that might help us out?


About the calendar and the sites. There is already an up and running airsoft calendar on the net which is too much competition to beat. Getting sites onboard is also harder than it should be. You would think they would all want to attract new visitors etc but they are not that keen. I contacted all of the sites in the UK earlier in the year to try and give them a sub-forum on here. If you go into the skirmish sites forum, you'll see only a handful responded..

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scoutthedoggie shoots at POW a good bit and thats where Jim and myself are doing a UKARA games and membership but i dont really know


As for the calendar it was just a mad rant on a very bad day lol and i dont know were its all came from, but i do like the idea of Airsoft sites competing to raise the most money for charity, sounds fun

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