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Personal Importing

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I have a few friends who own their own companies, and today it would seem they have been noticing a few problems up and down the country.


The issue is with HM Customs as it seems they are holding more and more airsoft guns that are being imported by individuals. so if you are importing be sure to expect a long delay.


The word is that Personal Imports are having the boxes opened checked and photographs taken and notation of any serial numbers.


Companies that have got delivers comming in today have mentioned that they are got items released but has proven more of a challenge then normal.


Magpul items that are being shipped in are also being held untill they receive confirmation that each item is indeed intended for airsoft use.

as many of you may know, and others may not. Magpul is a big name in the real steel industry, And have become famous for their real steel.


Some people may not even have an issue.


This is just an update on what im hearing. and is not the word of god.

so dont panic, just be patient, and if you can buy from a uk dealer for time being.

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