Classic Army M15A2 Rifle

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Gun Name and maker: Classic Army M15A2


FPS: 310 - 325

Hop up: Yes - Adjustable

Mag Capacity: Not included but Can take any M4 / M16 type magazine

Battery: Large type battery which Not included but im running it on a 8.4v 3700Mah

Plastic/Metal/Both: Both


My opinion and overall comments:

The gun itself measures at just under 1 metres. Most people suggest that the M16 variants are to be used at woodland type games, in my opinion however I think it is suitable for urban use as well. As Classic Army issue all the M15 range with a "Classic Army high torque motor" and high speed reinforced steel gears, the Rate of Fire is by far the best i've seen on any gun in its price range. The stock feels very solid and has plenty of room for a large battery leaving a nice slot for the fuse and connectors to go, the stock doesn't feel like cheap plastic, it is of high quality nylon fibre and the same with the foregrip. The gun doesn't give much barrel wobble, which is one of the main issues addressed with all the M16 type weapons. The body is of a nice quality metal, and comes with its own unique serial number with official armalite trades - which is always a plus. The sling mounts are of also high quality and are not prone to break off as they are made of metal. I would quite happily leave the gun on a sling which I won't do with many other types of guns! The insertion of the magazine is one of the smoothest I have used, and makes for easier and faster reloading. Many G&P owners say they will stick a 'fast magazines well' into their gun. With a Classic Army I don't think this is needed. The Bolt cover has a nice chrome look. Changing the hop is very smooth and easy to do. A further note I will add is that the range on this weapon is amazing, more than any long arms rifles. Semi automatic is very smooth, and you can be sure the spring being reset after every pull. It is very responsive allowing the user to be able to fire each shot without worry. This is sometimes an issue raised on some guns, "Will my semi work every time I pull the trigger?" I know for a fact that most clones won't fire EVERY TIME on semi.


Overall 9/10 Spot on weapon Classic army really pulled all the stops out on this one, making it one of the best airsoft rifles yet!


(I think it is worth the high price, I would recommend this to someone starting airsoft as well, who says they cant have the best?)

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Don't really trust Classic Army after my MP5K PDW is f*cked after 2 days, although partially my fault

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