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Is it perfectly fine to charge a cheap 3800mAh battery at a charge rate of 3.5A, using a Pro-Peak 2500 charger? I'd imagine it would be fine, but I have got a 'hand

me down' gun from my brother. The batteries he used with it will not hold a charge any more, and he said that it couldn't be charged at the 3.5A rate, and had to stay charging for 24+ hour on trickle charge - it was a 3700mah battery if that matters. :/


Quoting from another forum after some nice 'googling'


it does only charge at 3.5a but as its a peak charger, if your charging anything above a 3500mah pack then stick it back on, it will shut off once its full.


they might not be the best charger in the world, but if your on a budget, there good enough for most.



So does this all seem fine? Also it will be a cheap battery, just temporary hopefully to see what the gun is like - if that matters. Cheers,



PS: The buttons/fonts on this forum are fit!

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Thanks for the compliment on the buttons.


Charging at 3.5A should be fine, just don't go over 3.8A for the 3800. For your 3700 don't go over 3700. If it's a really old battery it is probably worth just buying new. It shouldn't make a difference whether you trickle charge it or fast charge.

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