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Right, so iv bought a Palco FP8 and yes, im very aware, after a lot of research, you hardcore airsofters are gonna say its rubbish, buts its all i could afford at the time.

I just didnt have the patience to wait to get an M4 or something.

Plus i have no idea whats good.




I really have no idea about Airsoft stuff, im completely new to it.


I just want to know exactly what i can do to this gun.


I tried to google it but nothing come up.



If possible, could someone tell me if...



1 - I can replace the mock sight


2 - Replace the hi cap mag (Im not sure why id want a smaller mag, i just do)


3 - Are there any external attatchments for this gun?


4 - Are there any Inernal upgrades or anything for it?



I would reaaaaaaally appreciate it if someone could help me :)

Any help is better than no help :)

Thank you in advanced!!

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