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Hi there i've just started my own online airsoft store up etc only using a free web host atm just to see if it works out the website is and here is what i have in stock ATM will obviously get ALOT more in if i get the right amount of sales and interest etc


- D-Boys 1000rnd Ak47 mag - £16.50

- Jing Gong 450 Rnd M4/m16 mag - £18

- D-Boys 470 rnd G36 mag - £16

- Jing Gong 200rnd mp5 mag - £15

- Elastic bungee snap hook CQB rifle sling in black - £10

- Tactical Pistol elastic spring lanyard sling in black - £15

- Union Jack patches - £1.50

- Avon S10 respirator -£30


also have 2 of my guns for sale which wont be on the website


- classic army mp5a5

- KWA glock 19



Would love your feeback and help !


Thanks for reading



p.s can an admin remove my 2 other topics total accident that was my first acc which i forgot password for sorry again.

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