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My First Airsoft Game

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Hi Everyone,


I went to my first airsoft game on Saturday at Phoenix Airsoft, near Mansfield Notts. Did I like it? You bet!!!

Firstly, it was a little daunting, as I went by myself, as I couldn't pursuade any of my friends to give Airsoft a try. Never the less everyone there was really friendly, and I tagged along with a couple of guys who told me that they were just completing their basic training as Officer Cadets in the RAF.

One of them was an experienced "Airsofter" and the other was also a "first timer" like myself. All in all I had a great day and experienced woodland, urban and CQB. I ended up joining the Phoenix Club, so two more times, and I'll be getting a gun. I've already gone a bit "mad" and bought loads of German Flecktarn gear, so the gun has to be a G36 to give me a Bundeswehr loadout. I'll post some pics when i get my gun!!!





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