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The real SCAR H fires 7.62x51mm Nato rounds. Of course the Airsoft version only fires BB's! The real deal SCAR H was desingned by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal to meet the demands of SOCOM. It has seen use in Afganistan and some of the US Army such as the Rangers use them.


I've had the VFC SCAR H for just under a year now and I am very impressed with it. It has performed well and has good range and decent accuaracy too.


The SCAR H comes in tan or black and looks almost like the real thing. It has a good weight to it to and feels good when you hold it. It also has markings on the upper reciever. The uppper reciever, rails, cocking bolt, trigger, iron sights, barrel, flash hider and other small details are all metal.


The internals didn't let me down either. VFC are well known for making some of the best gearboxes on the Airsoft market, and the SCAR's gearbox is no exception.


The SCAR H has an ambidextrious fire selector making it easier to use for both right handed and left handed shooters.


The SCAR H's stock is calapsable and can be adjusted into 6 differant positions and also it also folds for when your up close and personal! The cheek peice has 3 differant positions and helps aid you look down the sites on your gun.The stock is also where the battery compartment is. Due to its clever design you can fold the stock without having problems with the wiring which connects the battery. The main problem with the battery compartment is that it is quite crampt and it can sometimes become difficut to get the battery in and out again. Remember when puting the battery in the gun YOU MUST ALWAYS PUT THE BATTERY IN FIRST THEN THE WIRES.



The gun has an adjustable hop up which helps to increase accuraccy and range. I have added a blue hop rubber to mine to improve it.


The VFC SCAR H has a MOSFIT which enables you to fire your gun on semi auto as much as you want without encountering any long term problems.


In my oppinion the VFC FN SCAR H is one of the best guns on the Airsoft market and is a must have for any SCAR fans. There are very few problems with this gun and it peforms well.


Rating: 9.5/10


Hop: yes


FPS: 320-340


Price: £400









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