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  1. i have a GBB SCAR-L (Black) with bundle for sale
  2. Make: WE Gun/Model: SCAR- L Accessories: 6 Mags- 2 black (non leak) 4 Tan Condition: Used (bought 2nd hand, used by me once) excellent condition with only a few skirmish marks FPS: 450 (with included gas) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £220 (Price Dropped) Pictures: I'm located in Hertfordshire, but work in Berks, happy to deliver if within a reasonable distance. selling everything that's included in the photos- Mask, goggles, fingerless gloves (Viper), green gas (very powerful) a 3/4 full bag of BBs and the SCAR-L and Magazines. 2 of the magazines (black) are near new having only been used one, have a 30 BB capacity. 3 of the Tan M4 magazines have a leak so just may need tightening, the other tan magazine if from a similar system to the SCAR and has been filed to fit in and works the same as the M4 magazines with no problem. the SCAR has had an upgraded barrel (longer) which is why it can be seen in the flash eliminator. This was firing at about 450 fps on last use with the 2.0 Nuprol gas, so may need lowering down unless you enjoy hurting people, also gives nice recoil as well!. the sight will need new batteries, takes small watch batteries, will also need zeroing. Any questions please ask, Thanks
  3. Make: ICS Gun/Model: AK74 Accessories: 2 Magazines (sight rail if I can find it) Condition: very good condition, some minor skirmish marks, has a feed problem I don't know how to fix, has be unused in about a year FPS: 360 on last use Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £80 or £40 without mags located in Herts/ Berks Pictures:
  4. are you still looking? I have a SCAR-L with mags available
  5. You still looking for AKs? I have an ICS AK74 with feed issue I'm looking to offload
  6. Are you still looking? I have an ICS AK74 with a feed issue I'm looing to offload
  7. If your still looking I have a ICS AK74 with 2 new mags, has a feed issue I don't know how to resolve, works great with and has a good spring
  8. Are you still looking? I have a GBB SCAR- L in Tan, can get picks this weekend if interested, comes with 2 mags