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  4. @Aengus it's an airsoft webiste similar to weaponscrate but it also has first hand selling and reviews on it. thanks Ed
  5. Make: krytac Gun/Model: spr mk2 Accessories: og box, iron sights, one hicap, mlock rail, tan stubby grip - CAN INCLUDE HOLOS,MORE MAGS (acog sold) Condition: New but in very good condition, other then some minor scratches FPS: not sure sorry Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: y/y/y Price/Payment: 290 + postage/fees Pictures:
  6. Hi guys i am going to be making an airsoft business and I have come up with a bunch of names which I have written below. i was wondering if you guys could tell me any that you like out of list or if you have any that sound good that don't exist already. thanks Ed Active airsoft Airsoft Quest Airsoft dog Rapid airsoft Airsoft HQ Battle concepts battle concept Battle revolution Revolution Guard Tactics nation Enemy Power Enemy quest Total enemy Enemy core Enemy station Enemy post Enemy Mania First trigger Fire frontier Nonstop Fire Game day fire Affinity force Force frontier Bulletproof force Top gun force Hotshot force Baseline force Battlefield force Newline force Inferno force Basecamp force Top Rank Force Calibre Force First combat Combatify Terra combat Combat Hound Combat seeker Combat radar Combat trail Combat shots Nation combat Combat army Combat matrix Combat community Combat HQ Combat Spy Combat Motion Zone Combat Combat Venture Combat Hive Combat Marketplace Combat Shark Combat Active Combat Hound Combat Seeker Combat Crazy Combat Radar Combat Tribe Combat Explorer Combat Locator Positive Combat Matrix Combat Combatastic Combat Jungle Combat Buddies Combat Trooper Primary Combat Combat Hunters Combat Unit? Combat Unity Combat Culture? Combat Gorilla Gorilla combat? Combat Seekers Combat Scout Zone Frontier Ammo hq Frontier hq Tactical combat Combat explorers Combat Trackers Ammo brigade Ballistic Zone Just Ballistic Ballistic Planet Mega Ballistic Urban Ballistic Ballistic Quest Ballistic Force Ballistic matrix Ballistic Action Ballistacal BBallistic BeBallistic Ballistic army Ballistic frontier Ballistic brigade
  7. Make: LCT Gun/Model: pp-19-01 Desired Condition: any Desired FPS: 300 and up Swaps/Part Exchange: yes/yes Budget: depends on condition/package got 500 waiting!!!
  8. Make: krytac Gun/Model: vector Accessories: 5 mid caps - holographic sight/fore grip can be included. Condition: used with minor scratches and bumps. FPS: not sure sorry. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: yes/yes/yes Price/Payment: 450 ono - because it is out of stock in most places and the 5mags were expensive as they had to come from ireland. Pictures:
  9. thanks but i am talking about the long mags
  10. Hi guys i was wondering if anyone knows a place to get some magazine pouches that fit vector mags and hold them in as they fall out of my m4 pouches. if possible please can someone send me a link/tell me if any other mag pouches hold them securely. thanks Ed
  11. hi mate 

    i am interested in getting some work done


    what your mobile number?

    1. GearTech


      Drop me a message in hete.  If you have any images of the item you want painting and the kind of finish you have planned that's always a big help

    2. GearTech


      Drop me a message in hete.  If you have any images of the item you want painting and the kind of finish you have planned that's always a big help

    3. Gamitas


      can i give you a call?

  12. Hi guys i was wondering whether anyone knew any people who do custom painting of airsoft guns in the south of england (near surrey) at a high level quality- it also has to be durable! thanks guys Ed