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  1. Make: TM Gun/Model: Vsr10 Gspec Accessories: Scope 2 mags suppressor new JG airsoft hop up unit Condition: quite good couple scratches from use FPS: 490 Swap for: an ak of some kind Pictures: It has a 90 degree trigger in it and a tightbore
  2. Make: G&G Gun/Model: Firehawk Accessories: 4mags 3 mid cap 1 high. Angled foregrip, maddog underslung grenade launcher and grenade. Flip up sights, 8.4v 1600 Mah battery with deans. also tactical flash light. Condition: quite good FPS: CQB levels, so just below 350 Swap for: VSR-10 Upgraded Pictures:
  3. I already have a suppressor on it but swaps does sound like something i'd look into. Thanks
  4. Ok I'll give it a try. So you wouldn't recommend upgrading it?
  5. I've got a G&G Firehawk, but it's completely stock. Please someone help me. I want to use it as my main weapon but it kinda sucks because I only play woodland. Can anyone recommend any upgrades that will make the trigger more responsive and make it more accurate. It's also very loud. pls help