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  1. Whats the best way to ensure a safe swap?
  2. Also can I ask why you never used it?
  3. I've used it once in a game and sniping isnt for me, my field is fairly close quarters. It's in fine condition. I've got a brand new JG Airsoft hop for it that I haven't put in yet. And I don't have the original box but will wrap it all in bubble wrap. It's shooting @490 on .2s. I have most of a bottle of novritch 0.4s that ill chuck in with the 2 mags. could you send a pic of the box and gun?
  4. Ill swap it the AK. What is the exact model? Ill Get it ready for post tomorrow at about 2. Can you send pics?
  5. Make: TM Gun/Model: Vsr10 Gspec Accessories: Scope 2 mags suppressor new JG airsoft hop up unit Condition: quite good couple scratches from use FPS: 490 Swap for: Cyma AK 74 Pictures: It has a 90 degree trigger in it and a tightbore
  6. I already have a suppressor on it but swaps does sound like something i'd look into. Thanks
  7. Ok I'll give it a try. So you wouldn't recommend upgrading it?
  8. I've got a G&G Firehawk, but it's completely stock. Please someone help me. I want to use it as my main weapon but it kinda sucks because I only play woodland. Can anyone recommend any upgrades that will make the trigger more responsive and make it more accurate. It's also very loud. pls help