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  1. After alot of time well spent at work googling, I have decided mine is the 4.5mm and not the 6mm... turns out I have been using it very wrong Lol! Thanks for looking
  2. Make: KWC Item: Makarov CO2 Magazine Desired Condition: working Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: £30 Hello forum! So I have a small problem... I have a KWC Makarov, I love the gun, but I can't find any mags for it... I bought 2 on weapon crates and they don't fit and my googling has come up with nothing. I have attached a picture, my mag is the one on the left and the mag I bought is on the right. If anyone has one they want to part with or knows where i can get one I would appreciate it! Cheers
  3. Not come apart! I'm not too fussed about the way it looks
  4. So the first pic is it being normal... the second + third pic is it coming loose!
  5. Hey all, Hopefully this is the right place, it's my first post so let me off :L I have a g&g rk 103 evo and I really like this gun however it has one issue at the mo and that is that the pin that keeps the mag clip in place has come loose, causing the mag to drop and the gun to not feed. I have trawled the internet and cant find a replacement part (think it's disco'd) and also cant find a definitive answer on a potential bodge either. So could I just buy any AK47/74 trigger guard and fit it? Or will something as simple as tapeing the mags solve my problem? Or is there a third way? Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your answer. Cheers