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  1. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yesAny other comments: Great seller. Replied within minutes of my messages. Shipped items in less than 2 hours! Would deal with again.
  2. Make: G&G Gun/Model: CM18 MOD 1 Accessories: G&G Midcap, Suppressor Condition: Very good FPS: 310-330 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £90 ALL IN Pictures: Yes Hello guys £90 ALL IN! What I have for sale is a G&G CM18 Mod 1. This gun is G&G's Combat Machine line with based on the Mk.18 in terms of looks. Everything you see in the picture comes with it. It is wired to deans! It shoots around 310-330 FPS and is a great starter gun for anyone looking to start the sport! I spray painted it with Krylon Sand colour and have sanded the edges and used acetone to rub certain areas to give it a worn look. The mag provided is the G&G 120 Mid Cap so if you're new, I'd recommending buying another high cap to play a quick skirmish game. I've had Magpul PMAGs and generic metal GI mags and they fit and feed perfectly. The gun is all ABS plastic except for buffer tube, charging handle, dust cover and iron sights. I've lost the original flash hider when I attached a suppressor on it but I have provided a replacement flash hider. The charging handle spring is also stretched and worn out so in order for the charging handle to return fully, you'll have to push it back to it's original position, however, you can pull on it and it'll snap back in place, so long as the gun is pointing downwards of forwards. This was my main gun for a while but I've decided to get rid of after acquiring a new gun and I'd rather have someone else use it than for it to collect dust. It's a great starter gun so I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into the sport, or simply want a cheap back up gun.
  3. I have an LC-2 belt that I use for my Black Hawk Down loadout that works like a dream! MOLLE weaving is just right, though there is a bit of slide, if you make the MOLLE "loop" as small as you can, I'm sure it'll stay secure. (Which I've done for my pistol pouches) Easy to adjust, put on and off and for dirt cheap. As you can see, theres enough for space for a double pistol pouch, two TACO style pouches, dump pouch, water canteen and general purpose pouch!
  4. Bump! Still for sale!
  5. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: SIG 552 Accessories: 2x TM Brand Low Caps, 2x MAG Mid Caps, 1x Unknown High Cap Condition: Excellent FPS: 280 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Yes/No Price/Payment: £180 Pictures: Hi guys, Here we have a Tokyo Marui SIG 552 Navy Seals with licensed trades. It's real steel counterpart is my favourite so I had to have it in airsoft form. It's in very good condition, skirmished twice and shoots like a dream in a CQB environment. I've only skirmished it twice It's FPS is around 280 due to the laws in Japan but in a CQB environment, it's an absolute monster. I'm selling due to the fact that I'm a little uncomfortabely low on funds, otherwise, I'd keep it. It's 80% ABS and 20% metal give or take (Sights, charging handle, sling point and receiver pins are metal. The rest are a super high quality ABS) Stock motor is an EG1000 so expect "MOSFET-like" response and a surprisingly high rate of fire. Price includes everything you see and shipping! Located in East London 2x Tokyo Marui Low Caps 2x MAG Mid Caps 1x Unkown High Cap Please feel free to message for more info and images! Thank you for having a look!
  6. Sure! I'll send you a message with the photos!
  7. Hi mate, I see that you go to Bunker 51! I'm going to this Saturdays game on the 20th and I'll be bringing my Velites G3. However, I am looking to sell to fund my new M4 build. Would you be attending by any chance? I could let you try it if you are!
  8. Hi guys, I have G&G CM18 MOD 1 and I'd like to do external upgrade, mainly the Upper and lower receivers and probably rail system too. I know I can probably just save up and get a better gun but it has performed fantastically for me, however, the feel of the plastic on the CM18 feels abit iffy in my opinion. I'd like to know the compatibility of the G&G V2 Gearbox with different metal receivers and the best place to get them! Any help would be appreciate. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi mate, I've only been to Blitz CQB/Airborne Airsoft in Whitechapel but they're currently in the process of relocating and also Bunker 51 In North Greenwich. It is a decent site, however, it is also a paintball site so the floors are just gross and everywhere you touch is sticky. Would not recommended if you have super nice and expensive kit haha. I also travel around on the tube due to the lack of a car, unfortunately, so hopefully we can befriend someone with a car on here *WINK WONK* I have been looking at Red 1 in Chistlehurst/Bromley area but haven't been able to book a place yet. Would be great to play together sometime and possibly tryout new sites together