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  1. Overall rating (1 - 10): 4 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): No Any other comments: Unsure if this feedback should be here as no sale made but feel it is relevant as they have other bits for sale. Messaged about a chest rig for sale, all going well then failed to reply to any messages for 6 days so far. They have read the messages and I have sent a follow-up message to try and get a response but nothing. Very disappointing, don't get your hopes up if you're dealing with them
  2. My Eotech rip-off got shot out first time out so I have invested in a protector for my new red dot sight and was wondering where is the best place to put it. It is probably a stupid question but I first had it as close as I could to avoid being hit by the side but have now shifted it so it can fall all the way back without hitting the sight as I thought it was the protector collapsing that absorbs the hit. Pictures attached, any advice would help. Thanks
  3. Appreciate the help
  4. Fair enough, also noticed people mentioning dry firing in semi-auto or half firing and various other weird things would release at least some tension. Do you know of any truth in that or is it best just to not think about it?
  5. Hi all, Just bought my first 'proper' AEG and was reading how it doesn't have a spring tension release. I imagine it's not a big deal but was wondering what meant by spring release (in the gearbox?) and if I should go to the effort of fitting an after-market spring tension release system?
  6. Hi, I am part of the Kent University Airsoft Team so were normally kicking about. Apocalypse and Red 1 are the main ones we use, hopefully we will bumb into you there!