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  1. RWA Agency arms Trigger - Free £10 finders fee

    Upped to £10 finders fee for finding a RWA Agency arms Trigger for a T.M Glock 17. Which is for sale and willing to post.
  2. RWA Agency arms Trigger - Free £10 finders fee

    Note from Patrick Cheng HI, Shane Hodgson thanks, really sorry this item are temp out of stock. I refund this order to you first. Hope you can find other item interest in my store. If you have any question, please contact me anytime. thanks Patrick Cheng Refund details Refund total (includes tax and shipping) $27.90 USD Still not in stock! Still looking for Trigger please
  3. RWA Agency arms Trigger - Free £10 finders fee

    I have thought about purchasing a Real Steel Agency Arms Trigger but only if all other avenues produced nothing.. Being MUCH more expensive I was/am worried that it wouldn't fit as far as I can see it's not been tried anywhere else... Turned a Real Steel Micro Roni into airsoft which wasn't too hard.. But this would be smaller and fiddlier with less room for error, If it didn't fit.
  4. RWA Agency arms Trigger - Free £10 finders fee

    Hi Thanks Bought this trigger off this website a couple of weeks before Christmas About 10 days later, monies were refunded. They Appologised saying that there was no stock... Then the balance was zero on the website with out of stock... I have bought this again as there indeed is stock again.. apparently... Fingers crossed. Thanks for your post. Shane
  5. RWA Agency arms Trigger - Free £10 finders fee

    Right, just use Google! Didn't think of that, thanks for the advice... Just for your information. Surched all Google, sent a total of 23 emails Made several phone calls around UK and Abroad, used a German friend to call Germany and France with no joy. On 3 forums on Facebook njust including this one making 4... It's been 4months, with two weeks with a finders Fee. Nothing. You Google and post first post, which just happens to be out of stock... Thanks for the advice.
  6. RWA Agency arms Trigger - Free £10 finders fee

    I have emailed them. There is NO incoming stock. As far as I'm aware what's out there is it...
  7. RWA Agency arms Trigger - Free £10 finders fee

    Out of stock. No date for a restock! Sorry
  8. RWA Agency arms Trigger - Free £10 finders fee

    £5 finders fee. Free into your PayPal account RWA Agency arms Trigger
  9. Make: Rwa Agency Arms Item: Trigger Desired Condition: New Swaps/Part Exchange: I have cash waiting Budget: almost unlimited, but let's be realistic. Im looking for an:- RWA Agency Arms Trigger for a T.M Glock 17.
  10. Make: FAB Ltd. Item: Vertical Grip / Bipod. Condition: Brand New. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No Thanks. Price/Payment: £30 All Inclusive. Pictures: Attached. I have up for offer an FAB ltd Israel T-Pod Vertical Grip/Bipod in Black. Bought From Israel a few years back. Genuine. Brand New and Never Used. Has Left and Right Removable Slot for Pressure Pads / Switches, for Lights and Lazors etc. £30 included PayPal Fees and Recorded P+P Many Thanks.
  11. Guarder Glock 17 Steel / Aluminium Slide.

    He talks about a PGC aluminium slide which fits onto a T.M Lower.... Thus making it slimmer to fit in a Serpa Holster!
  12. Guarder Glock 17 Steel / Aluminium Slide.

    Not what I wanted hear... Heard that some of the Aluminium T.M slides were slimmer and thus enabled you to use a Glock 17 Holster?
  13. Could anybody who has a Guarder Aluminium or a Steel Slide please measure and tell me if it's smaller than the stock We Glock Slide. Is it comparable in size to a Real Steel Glock 17 Slide? As in my other post, I have bought a Real Steel Micro Roni and I'm trying to fit an Airsoft Glock. Many thanks
  14. Micro Roni and Glock 17

    Here's a COMPLEX question! That I need an answer to please... I have just bought and received a Real Steel Micro Roni in the post, It's an amazing piece of kit and the quality is second to non. I have a We Tech Glock 18C Gen 4. Now I can fit the Micro Roni "Cocking Handle" over the back of the Glock Top Slide, but it's a tight fit! I can insert the Pistol and cocking handle and then fasten it into the Micro Roni however It's an extremely tight fit. But it does fit, just. However the fit is SOO tight that you can't rack the top slide... Now. I have removed the top slide and the WE Glock 18C lower fastens into the Micro Roni Perfectly... Now I know that the WE Glock 17 /18C and the T.M Glock 17/18C won't fit into a Real Steel Serpa Holster and you need to purchase a Glock G20/21 holster so im guessing that the WE and the T.M Glocks top slides are too big and a different dimension to a Real Steel Glock 17/18C? And this is the reason why it won't work in my Micro Roni? After a little research I have found that if you can fit an aftermarket aluminium top slide to a T.M Glock 17 that will allow it will fit into a Serpa Glock 17 Holster? However I can't Pinpoint which aftermarket top slides replicate the EXACT dimensions of a Real Steel Glock 17/18c I don't Mind purchasing a T.M Glock 17 or 18C but I need to know which slide to purchase to make it fit? I know that I can MOD the Micro Roni and shave off unwanted plastic, but I don't Want to do this just yet, and only as a last resort... Many thanks for all your help Shane
  15. hodgson8475

    Why thank you... Glad you like the WE MP5k with additional Folding Stock...