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    The Daily Fail BLOOD AT SKIRMISH AGAIN! By Fir Corf-Frinner A young man was shot brutally in the face at Skirmish Airsoft Mansfield yesterday. For a fringe group of disturbed individuals, many of them former service men and women who may be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), this is evidence of sport well played, but for many and a growing number of government ministers, sources close to Downing Street say, this young man, Daniel Hoxton, 24, of Harrogate, Yorkshire (pictured above) is a victim of brain washing. Confidential sources have told The Fail that top Downing Street advisers are currently liasing with high ranking police and the security services over concerns arising from the militaristic nature of the so-called sport and a real potential for domestic terrorism. Andrew Wullo-Veraes, government serious crime spokes-person, said this morning that young and vulnerable people have been drawn to this dangerous activity through the internet. "Just as we do with peadophiles, as people would expect the government to do when middle aged men are involved with youngsters, we are also calling on the police to investigate allegations that airsofting and most especially the internet sites that these sorts of people run can be used for grooming young people," Mr. Wullo-Veraes told our reporters in response to probing questions about the Hoxton affair. He added that vulnerable young men and women are easily 'hypnotised by the glamour of guns and violence' and it is once they are hooked, just like a drug addict, they can be 'forced to perform tasks which they would not otherwise ever dream of.' The Fail has also discovered that Hoxton, although a Yorkshire lad born and bread, divides his time between the UK and Switzerland. It is possible that he was spotted by asylum seekers during his recent home journey and his injury engineered by them and their cohorts, many of them illegally here on the streets of Britain. "If young Danny's injury causes the government to clamp down on such a murky pool of evil, then for once we will have something to thank asylum seekers for," added Dick Small of Injunct, the centre-right think tank which specialises in crime and immigration policy. (Turn to pages 3, 6, 7 and 12 for more story and comment. Have your say via thedailyfail.co.uk)
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