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Located in the South West commonly playing at Spartan Airsoft and The Trail. Looking for applicants aged from 13-16 but will make exceptions. You have to have multicam or mtp, also you must have a gun, an AR-15 variant preferably as we are aiming to imitate us/uk special forces and play milsim in a few years. You must be dedicated to the sport and the team, and turn up to training often. We have many roles that are open: .Regular infantryman AR-15 style weapon Plate carrier, basic soldier. .Support gunner M249 Saw etc style weapon, provides suppressing fire, carriers large amounts of ammunition, chest rig etc. .Sniper/Recon Sniper rifle or DMR, provides recon intelligence for the team, designated special missions, ghillie suit/parka. Works in a sniper team (2 people, spotter and sniper). .Demolitions specialist Provides explosives/demolition capabilities to the team, carries lots of pyro, AR-15 style weapon. If you are interested in applying for one of these roles please contact me on [email protected] or on instagram at @22airbourneairsoftdivision
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