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Welcome to PAC an Airsoft Group based in the Cambridgeshire area. The Group was founded back in May 2015. Lead by Foggy with the support of Rogue, Nibbles and Luckluster. We encourage new and experienced players who have a passion for Airsoft. We travel around the UK exploring various sites to game and team up with other teams. What is our purpose: To work together as a PAC. We drive ourselves into battle whilst encouraging others. We also Publish Videos via our YouTube Channel. So keep up to date and see how we operate. We are also the Owners of Project GAMMA; A prop used in Airsoft which is unique to our group. You may of heard of us. So why not join us. Player, Team or Site we want to support you, or even play along side or agaist you. Thanks for spending time to know our Group. We hope to see you on the field.
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