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Little beast just sits on a shelf so thought I’d move it along.



These are great little plastic constructed bb hoses that though not very accurate will empty that 50 round mag in under 2 seconds and put a smile on anyones face, minus whoever is on the receiving end.


Internally this has been given the Army Force hard kicking nozzle set. Seemed to just make it louder really. 


So externally, the lower frame has been given a layer of aluminium tape to give it a metal look, then painted over in gun metal grey. I wrapped the suppressor in a cloth tape to just give it more of a vibe and less toylike. Utilised a screw to lock in the fold up mechanism on the stock as the original pin went missing. Does the job perfectly, works as it should. 

With the bb follower locked down at the bottom of the mag it is possible to dry fire these. Otherwise you just get a nice “dead man’s click”.  Note..do not insert the mag on a closed bolt, always cock back the bolt before inserting the mag to avoid damage. 

comes with original box and one mag. 

£5 p&p


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    300-340 gas dependent

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