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A Note About Potential Scammers

This announcement is no longer active


Hi guys,


Every now and again we see an influx of spam accounts that are only out to get your items without paying.

We've just another reported this morning which has been banned.


If someone messages you about your classified advert, it's usually easy to tell if they are a scammer.

They normally follow a template/script that will PM you, with a cut'n'paste of the title of your advert title. As seen here:




If you get any messages like this, please report it to the moderator team, by clicking the little flag in the top of their message (seen above).

We'll take a look and take action if necessary.


It's also worth pointing out that you should be wary about anyone encouraging YOU to make contact with THEM outside of the forum by email or text message.

If they are genuine about wanting to buy, they'll be happy to continue to talk to you on here about it.


Also: a note to buyers - if someone asks you to pay by PayPal "Friends & Family" / "F&F", they aren't necessarily a scammer, but you lose all PayPal protection if the deal doesn't go to plan. 

Likewise, if someone insists that you pay by bank transfer, it is most likely to be a scam.


Keep your wits about you and exercise common sense.




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