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8mm wide tubing?

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ok, ive had a slight problem with my g&p m4a1, sdue to mag wobble and the wya that g&p manufacture their hop ups, they dont work very well most mags, ive been reading up on how to fix this problem... which is that my gun will fire a few seconds on full auto then stop, i have to readjust the mag and fire again, this gets very frustrating as you can imagine, now the reason for this is i beleive that the magwell isnt pushing the magazines catch bag all the way with the wobble which causes the short bursts ect, now due to some research ive found a possible solution is to make a 'washer'/ layering peice of tube that will fit snuggly around the magwell thats got to be about 1mm thickness and 8mm big for the tube to fit on the magwell easily and securely, if anyone can help me by pointing out any tubing or anything like that which will fit securly this would help greatly, plus opinions on if this would work?



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have a look for plastic modeling tube. Hobbycraft may have something.

Another option would be to wrap plumbers tape round the magwell nipple which may help



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is it with all your mags, also know problem with the g&p mag catches not holding mags far enough in/up, if you hold mag does it fire ok??

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