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  1. So as the title says, I'm finding it very hard to pull m4 mags out of the triple inserts. It's a brand new rig so I'm assuming that's partly the problem but I've heard a few other mentions of this issue. 

    Anyone found a decent solution? I'm going to try and leave some mags in to see if that stretches them out a little but anyone found a better way? 

  2. I remember marshaling one time and we had a group of regulars who never liked to wear face pro, a scarf was enough to them. Playing a simple attack and defend mode and a little kid on the defending team was hunkered down inside an old transit van. Along comes a guy not wearing face pro and for some reason, knowing someone is inside the van, decides to pop his head in the passenger window. Pretty much went down as you would expect, 2 front teeth shot out and screaming blue murder at this kid for "blind firing". 

    Saw him back a few months later after spending over £300 on dentures, didn't bother spending the £15 on a face mask tho, still didn't wear one. 

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