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  1. hi this more just for recruiting new team member you need to go to our FB group page RED1 to see what we are all about 

    cheers Chris

    1. Purple1753


      Sorry, thought this was a FORUM open to anyone to read in order to interact with the general airsoft community which I have just started to get into. I had been told this would be a good site to start by several  Airsoft operators. Idon't use Facebook but if you feel the need to delete my profile as an administrator please do so

    2. Mr Operator (RED)

      Mr Operator (RED)

      no that's fine your more then welcome to be here I'll try to put more info on what the team is up for you then but there is also a WhatsApp group for red as well which your also welcome to join if you like. but at the moment we are all busy with our national airsoft festival prep so not much else on at the moment I'll try to get some more of the team to join the forum and get it going 

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