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Eversley, Hants

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Alpha - is awesome, quite small ( which is a boon to an old fart like me ) Very friendly bunch of folk. Excellent Marshals, Henry does the best safety brief ever ( he says he is an old hippy, but I reckon he is younger than he looks :P )


Most of the site is dry, has some streams and boggy bits but the majority is good. The game formats are excellent and they do try to introduce new elements to the gameplay now and then so it's never boring.


The site has fixed positions for defending/attack, enough acreage for roaming flanking ( without the need for SatNav ) plenty of cover around the positions to satisfy the sneaky crawlers but open enough to keep everyone supplied with targets. All in all a cracking site.


Delta - is a young site, not been open long. I have been there a couple of times. Is bigger than Alpha, has more open space. Dark Wood is a great game ( if everyone takes their hits ). Was there in summer but can imagine it in winter, would be just like Band of Brothers, Bastogne woodland. The Bunkers game is awesome too. Defending or attacking the game is perfect, soooo much fun.


If you can get there I would recommend it.

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