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:) Found out yesterday when checking my Google AdSense emails that we have been Youtube Partners since early 2010! (mega cock up on Youtubes be-half for not telling us -.-).


Like the title says I record skirmishes, both 1st person and 3rd person using a Contour 1080p HD headcam and a Flip Ultra HD Recorder. As well as skirmishes, we also make Speed-reloading vids, obliterations , and just plain shooting with the gun to keep a nice constant upload of videos.


Here is some of what I would say is our best work in my opinion. The editing software we use is cruddy Windows Movie Maker so its not the best but its cuts out all the boring parts which is the main thing. :) We record mostly at Gunman Airsoft Tuddenham and a bit at Urban Assault. Subscriptions are appreciated.



Gunman/GASS Airsoft Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Milsim Theme) 28/08/11 Stoner Masada MP5 P90 M16


Gunman Airsoft Tuddenham 26/06/11 (Skirmish Weekend)


Gunman Airsoft Tuddenham 26/06/11 (Skirmish Weekend) II


Gunman Airsoft Tuddenham 29/05/11 "Get to the Chopper!" (Skirmish Weekend)


Airsoft Skirmish @ Urban Assault 24/09/11 ICS M4 Magpul Masada Scar-L MP7 (1st person shooter)


We've uploaded a few 1st person videos now but due to me attaching it at a bad angle most of the time, we haven't got much good footage with it yet.


Let me know what you think.



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Well I only had time to watch one, but it helped me with my 'airsoft fix'for today :) Now I just need summer evening games to come around quickly...

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Ha ha, glad it helped take away some of the cravings.. :P

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