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Alpha55 site review and video

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Location is in Pentre Halkyn just off the A55 in North Wales, directly behind Little Chef/Travelodge, very easy to get to. Lots of parking space close to the safezone so excellent for taking loads of kit and using your car as a base.

Hut on site with room for gear, free coffee and tea all day and usually a free meal on the amazing barbecue (converted landrover). Notice board with buy/sell and news, airsoft magazines to read, shop with bbs, chocolate and sometimes gas for sale.

web -

Hire guns available, FAMAS, M4, AK47, and a smattering of others including a M249 on request.

Cost is £20 non and £15 members. Members also enjoy a couple of free games including a night game.

Staff are experienced and competent, welcoming and willing to help, encourage and help you get the most of your day. Fairly strict on hit calling and wearing goggles, they have been known to sin bin you and even send you home if you really are a dangerous menace which is fair enough.

Dedicated staff to the sport of airsoft, they run a number of businesses around airsoft and are interested in promoting it and developing it further.


Open nearly every saturday and sunday with some evening games on a friday. Saturdays games are hard/fast with plenty of pay and spray if you want. Sundays games a bit more reserved, a bit more milsim. Games are usually capture/defend on saturday with sundays having more of an objective mission and roles set out. Night games a couple of times a year, not to be missed as they are very intense, confusing, mind game madness especially if you get the opfors passwords.


Site comprises 70 acres of very mixed woodland, coniferous forest, rhodedendron jungle, brambles, meadow, swampy bit, industrial containers, tyre base, scruffy compound and a hidden/lost Vietnam village. The terrain is challenging as there are some hills, a small valley and the site will leave you totally knackered if you want to play it hard. There are also pathways and bridges if you dont.

Pyros allowed only in certain areas of the site, you will be informed if you intend to use them and if youre type are allowed. I think its TLSFX only nothing over a mk5.


Players are experienced and 99% trustworthy, very little cheat calling, usually some swearing at overkill but nothing serious. Friendly enough, will offer advice, lend tools and weapons, bumming jokes, onsite vehicle repair. Usual characters from World War2 dressed dude to casuals in trainers to loads of guys in dpms etc. Ive seen no fewer than 30 on site and usually around 60-80 when Ive attended which is enough for a good game.


Well worth a visit, played many a fine game there over the last 3 years and only one bad one which was my own fault for not having my head straight.


Old Video now

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not played there yet but have been told it is a fantastic site deffo want to go some time

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