Operation Clean Sweep

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Well the next big event is on the board. FOXTROT 58 SITE are having a 2 day skirmish. This is not for the boys who like to shoot at anything that move. Its for airsofters who like Full Mil Sim and can communicate with each other and follow team commanders. Well the dye is cast Mrs Thatcher has dispatch her task force South towards the Falklands. D-day is the 27th and 28th of June the Argentine forces are digging in this will be the first time the British SLR's and the Belgian FN FALs will come face to face witch one will prevail the auto or single firing. Intel tells us that American forces have been training the Argentines so there will be a fight on the cards. So why not make a date with fate Check out the FORUM for more information and log in to meet interesting airsofters



Yours comrade in arms

Colm [Pathfinder]

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this sounds quite good, i whould be u for it

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