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Rail Wobble- a fix

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Hi All,

New here :-), Probably been covered a hundred times, rail wobble, I have fixed mine (classic army M15A4) and it rock solid but I reckon it would work on any with similar parts, electric,gas etc

Relatively simple.


at the back of the top rail - the 3 sided bit, I have drilled two holes thorugh the railbody 1 either side that go through the inside groove where it sits on the delta assembly, I then tapped the holes with a 4mm thread, put it back together, added a little thread lock, and used 2 4x4mm grub screws to screw though so that they then sit between the teeth of the of the ring, thats it job done.


MAKE SURE that you measure the holes so that when drilled they sit between the teeth not directly over the points of the teeth. if like on my classice army you have two lumps inside the groove on the inside they should be perfect, BUT CHECK first, you may get away with 4x8mm grub screws if you cant find 4x4, radio control model shops sell them £3 for 10 aprox.


Hope this is of some use


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