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hi guys and gals. C3Tactical has got a brand new site opening in the forest of dean at stockwood, check out our website for more details at c3tactical.co.uk or look on the facebook groups for us.


The site is made up of valleys, woodland, gorges and an amazing iron age village.


our first game is on the 11th and 12th of september, we have a fully enclosed safe zone right in the middle of all the action with accomodation fo 20 people, come and give it a try, i can guarantee you'll love it.

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Hi i found out about your site from a friend of the name Dunlop. MY friends father apparently knows you. anyway i would like to use your site in the near future yet i have a rifle W700/ r700 which has an fps of 400+ would i be aloud to use this gun at your site? I also have an AEG but would like to use my sniper rifle it quite expensive for me who runs off a paper round. please reply,

welsh sniper

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