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Articles for newbies?

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To start i'm asking "are the articles on my blog/site any good and do they help newbies?" I'm looking for advice from both newbies and old hats?

I have started a website for people that want to do different adventure sports its . It has the locations of different providers around the UK, including airsoft.


To go with this I have created an Airsoft blog which has articles on it to help people get into the sport. The idea is people come to my site find out the basics and try the sports. If they like the sport, they then come back to my site and follow links on where they can find out more. Ideally what I would like is a couple of people on here that have written articles or useful posts that they don't mind me copying (I would do it word for word with a link at the bottom i.e dave from For example abbadon101 if you are reading would you mind me using your post " What starting gun and kit to get., A guide for the new player."?


What I am also looking for is for players to read the articles I have got and tell me if they are any good and let me know if you have seen better ones (I can't edit the articles so cant add bits if they have been missed). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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I know a lot of people are looking at this but no-one is replying. Please let me know your thoughts, if you think the site idea is cack, a waste of time, the articles are rubbish or if you think its a good idea and if the site works you might use it for your kids party go-karting, or thinking of going skydiving?

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