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Conflictzone-airsoft has been going for a year now and already is proven on many occasions to be a fantastic millsim and games arena also providing pre-deployment training to various organisations. Both military and security.


My name is Fergy and i am the owner of conflictzone-airsoft arenas

of these we have many but some are restricted to pre-deployment training

some times a team will act as the enemy for the training unit if they so wish to do so.


for more info go to the website

or phone 01929 401397


thanks for reading.

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Hello i am Fergy


I Have two main arenas for regular airsofters one is a forest environment Called Forest assault the other is a desert environment Called desert strike.


Each arena is designed to plan your movements and use teamwork to complete missions.

As i am a serving soldier i can set up scenarios on previous experiences on operational tours.


Forest Assault Arena has the following inplacements (FOB) Large Forward Operating Base Built with the same materials as those you see on tv when watching programs in Afghanistan .

Defensive position hidden in the woods so you have to recce and locate the enemy.

artillery emplacement used in missions so that teams call call in artillery to strike the enemy's position.Small FOBs for to advance your troops through the arena.and a kill house used as the militia strong hold for missions and also used for compatitions between teams.

Sniper hill , valley of eligh. and many more.


Desert Strike Arena

is a disused quarrie located on portland south of weymouth

Which consists of large implacements of rocks with sand and stone hills throughout the arena. which are good for setting up sniper teams to take out targets or relay information the choice is yours.


OP secure tide is a pre deployment training package designed for security companies and military regiments in the armed forces. This is to heighten there skills as they will have an enemy team operating to stop or disrupted all missions or objectives presented depending on the theatre of operations they are about to go to. They will be using militia tactics. Equipment we provide for the security companies to use.

G36c's as hired weapons gen 3 grenades IEDs (improvised explosive devices) mines Claymores.and lots more to bring the realism into the training.

We also use the equipment on game days to get the adrenalin going.

Training Places

Cars for CP drills or contact Drills in hostile environments.

Cargo ships

Heli insertion or CP drills

Desert strike arena



Thank you for reading

if you want more information please get in contact

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