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Military based training and skills

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Hi everyone,


This is my first post here and by way of introduction I thought I'd let you guys know that I'm in the process of setting up a small team of instructors and Airsoft enthusiasts with the aim of providing high quality, relevant military based training to groups, teams and individuals within our community.


I'm an operationally experienced former member of the British Army (inf). Currently working within the private security sector. I completed my last stint in the Middle East (Iraq) in July of last year.


I'm currently in the process of putting a website together which will form the focal point for information about the courses I hope to deliver. I have the use of a fantastic indoor facility which provides all year round training opportunities well suited for CQB and OBUA based training and skills, as well as particularly excellent games for up to 20 people at a time !


In addition to the close quarter based courses, I'm putting together several marksmanship packages which will also include competitive tactical shoots for both pistol and rifle.


Here's the sort of material I'm able to teach, hopefully members of our community will find it useful in enhancing their overall experiences. Please feel free to feed back.


Dismounted Close Combat Tactics

Close Quarter Battle

Basic and Tactical Pistol and Rifle Courses

Competitive Tactical Shoots

Scenario based exercises for team development

Orders process and leadership development


I'm also able to comprehensively write tactical scenarios with team objectives and orders, these can be simple or complex in nature and or delivered on site by me or, purchased as a package and delivered to your customers by you.


The cost per head for the courses will be very reasonable and well within the pocket. Most of the training will take place at the facilities I have available to me however, I am willing to travel especially to established UKARA sites who wish to host a larger group based training event.


Just to add, this will not be my primary occupation so it's my intent to keep the cost of the training packages to a minimum.


I'll update here when the website goes live and guage interest and feedback



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Hi Dave and welcome to forum. I to left the forces last year, however decide to take the retail route. South West Wargames down in Plymouth is run by an ex-royal and i believe they offer a similar package. I am not sure if it is as in-depth as what you are offering, however may always be worth dropping them an email to help with networking.


Also if you need any help with the web side of things then feel free to drop me a pm as this is an area I can most certainly assist with.


All the best with it :)

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HI Dave

And welcome


My name is Fergy and i am still serving in the forces and i also run an airsoft arena.

called Conflictzone.


I provide both the armed forces and security firms in the UK and abroad a training facility for

pre-deployment training using airsoft weapons.

Also game Arenas for people who want to play airsoft in a not so serious manner.

I have TWO main Arenas a forest and also a Desert environment but for Courses and pre deployment i have alot of other stuff.


Where about are you and if you are near i will give you a hand if you want.

It is easy to set up and run.Its just all the H&S stuff and UKARA rules that you have to abide by.


once it is up and running it is good and it is enjoyable.

I was joined with South west wargames for a while but things changed.

They to are good and you should give them a bell they might help you .


There is a wide spectrum of advice in this forum i have needed it myself on a few occasions


Here to help if you need it FERGY


Richard Ferguson

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Hi Mate,


I'm based in NE Lincolnshire and working closely with the guys running Arena Airsoft in Grimsby.


Thanks for the welcome offer, every little helps (according to Tesco) lol I appreciate it.


I'm very new to airsoft although I've been teaching mil subjects for some years. I'm still finding my feet within the community.





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