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  1. I sold my sniper and brought a G&G combat machine
  2. This is now sold.
  3. ahh nevermind lol
  4. Ok, obviously got two offers, and for the m249 para, whats its fps etc, and flip what u offering, and the L96 is ex two tone btw
  5. Offer currently pending on different forum.
  6. looking at getting a WE G39c and obvioisly, will be needing mags for it no stupid prices though please thanks for looking, steven
  7. not dpm but still woodland camo, Interested buddy?
  8. let someone else have it if they want it mate. all the best, steven
  9. hey mate would love to have this gun, would you either swap for an L96 or hang on till i can sell the L96 so I can buy it? all the best, steven
  10. Swap for an L96? comes with speedloader, 3-9x40 scope, bipod, gun bag, scrim net, jute twine if there is anything else, i'll add it on if you want pictures, let me know, all the best, steven
  11. swap for an L96? or hang on to it so i can get the money? all the best, steven
  12. Anyway, AGM L96, 453fps with .20g bb Accessories: Gun bag, Bipod, 3-9x40 mil-dot scope, speeloader, scrim net and Jute twine, if there is anything else I think of, I'll throw it in! Roughly £170 including postage (looking for £150 for the gun and any postage on top of that unless you collect it) Also any swaps I am willing to have a look at and negotiate. Hit me with what you got. All the best, Steven
  13. BUMP and pictures
  14. Would you be interested in a swap for a sniper rifle? Or hold it to see if I can get the money from selling the sniper to buy the MP5? Here is a pic of my sniper All the best, Steven
  15. Enjoy