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  1. Enjoy
  2. yeah i found this just after i posted this topic, i have emailed them about it asking if they are ever in stock and to let me know if they are but theu look exactly same as the TM vsr mags so idunno might buy the vsr because i'll be buying some stuff from zeroone soon so will probably just get some there all the best, steven
  3. As above, not sure where to get AGM L96 spare mags but I think that the vsr mags will fit but I'm not 100% sure so if anyone could help me out then it would be much appreciated all the best, stevensniper someone on another forum said that the magazines for the WELL L96 fit but they are completely different shape and design :s
  4. oh right lol, fair enough
  5. on xbox then?
  6. haha nice 1 what games?
  7. lol! i am at a party and i fired off a shot from my sniper cos i fixed it earlier
  8. happy new year to every last 'softer out there what you all doing in celebration?
  9. f*cking yes! good idea!
  10. I will upload a pic in the morning of the mag because it looks very similar to the vsr mags Thanks very much, I took it apart, cleaned the hop, cleaned the inner barrel and generally gave it a good bit of tlc, works fine now, took a shot at metal canister at bottom of garden, flew straight and true, hit the canister with a satisfying ping, and I put some tape around the hop up bucking as well, so covered all bases, the hop up rubber wasn't brittle or damaged or anything thanks for your help, all the best, Stevensniper
  11. Looks like I'm taking it apart tomorrow then, thanks for the replies, and any idea on the spare mag situation? All the best, Stevensniper
  12. Thanks Liam! I'll take a look at it in the morning much appreciated ! All the best Stevensniper
  13. Hey, anyone who can help me out with this, my L96 is firing with a really bad drop off (drops at about 50 feet when it can reach between 150-200feet when the hop up is dialled in properly). I used some sort of silicone spray to clean and maintain my inner barrel but I think that it was the wrong stuff to use seemed to have similar properties to WD40 so I think that this has corroded my hop up, does this mean a whole new hop up unit or just the rubber bucking? If so, any recommendations on which replacements will fit and will be the best value for money? And any idea on what mags will fit the L96? Sorru for all the questions, and if you want any pics of the mag or anything to help identify what will be good spares, send me a pm or reply and I'll post a pic up. Thanks Stevensniper
  14. help, i'm getting really inconsistent and poor distance shots from my AGM L96 when its supposed to be 450fps and really accurate, it used to be good, but Idunno whats happened with it, I think I might have screwed the hop up or something, help please!!!
  15. somebody help me, i've got an AGM L96, and i need a new mag/another mag etc, basically does the vsr-10 magazines fit this gun? if not, were can i find AGM L96 magazines??