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  1. I agree Ed. I hate borrowing kit, much rather use my own.
  2. Found one on the Zero In forums, £35
  3. Yeah i found a few thanks mate, just wondered if there was any where with in UK cause of delivery time.
  4. Hey Guys, Does anyone know where i can pick up a cheap aimpoint/eotech 3x Magnifier with a flip to side mount? Thanks Petrelli
  5. Custard creams... you can put one in your ris battery box ^^
  6. I daren't xD i lost the bloody hop nub changing the barrel lol and i've tried that, no difference.
  7. Righteo guys, after playing sunday both my AEG and Sniper decided to break down on me. Every shot i take with my m4 the gearbox or motor sounds like its stuck, a higher voltage battery doesn't free it, only pushing the motor into the box... Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks Petrelli
  8. xD Placing small potted plants in is GENIUS! We used to have a portable toilet underneath the stairs to the entrance, pyros were dropped in the top, smoke comes out the bottom. xD Peoples faces were halairious
  9. The top half of this: And then one of these: And used this on my glasses: That's what i wear anyway, the full mask used to steam up horribly every game so replaced the bottom and used the spray and as to the "mesh not being safe". I've been shot at pointblank with full auto at cqb and never had a problem. Hope this helps xD
  10. Probably hire kits mate.
  11. xD That's awesome
  12. xD You legend Dave
  13. Got some from wickes, Saw them and thought one HAS to fit xD and so it did
  14. Righteo. So, I recently bought a new snippy riffle but was told I need an Allen key to alter my hop up. But can I find the damn thing? No. Does anyone know where and which Allen key I need. As far as I've been told its smaller than a 1.5 and longer. Thanks Petrelli
  15. The Phoenix Skirmish site is closed mate, Welbeck is still active. They've just moved to a bigger site and without paintballers, that's pretty much it xD