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  1. thanks devastator youve been real helpful
  2. To be absolutely clear it is legal for my parents to purchase me a two tone without them having a UKARA and im not breaking the law in any way? im 16 btw any buying a G36
  3. ive found another gun 15 pound more but it comes with a nice battery and a charger is this a respectable site its the same gun i just want to know if the site is reliable
  4. hi again guys ive already asked about a gun and ive seen the same gun on is this site respectable becuase it works out around 25 pound cheaper should i buy from this site???
  5. im 16 so i cant get ukara and thanks for advice
  6. Hi guys ive played around 7 games of airsoft at a local site and i really enjoy it im after buying a SCR G36 / i was just wondering is SCR a reliable manufactorer and what battery and charger would you guys recomend buying for this gun , i can probably spend another 50 pound for the batteries and charger, Thanks in advance for your help.