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  1. I buy my gear from Airsoftworld to and never had any problems. P.S does anyone know why it seems to be really hard to buy AEGs online now as everytime i go to buy something they seem to be out of stock forever, Mainly AGM, CYMA, JG. hi there i've heard that a lot of chinese clone factories got shut down as it's illegal to make replica weapons out there. when they got shut down the old bill over there took to moulds to make the guns
  2. if you have a acog on ur m4 when looking through it down the scope the dot should appear on top of the front sight point hope this helps dan
  3. i last went to the dentist when i was 13 and they done a root canal on my tooth but didnt give the anesthetic time to work, so ive never been back since lol
  4. hahahahahahaha excellent lol
  5. you can get some of the uniform on ebay by the way im not too sure about it. i heard about the multicam with the pink but i thought it'd be a bit multicamp HAHA see what i done there hahaha
  6. what do people think of the new mtp pattern? http://www.army.mod.uk/news/18686.aspx
  7. hi is anyone going tommorow? The site is located near basingstoke and reading cheers dan
  8. hi, recieved the throat mic set up this morning and what a bit of kit. even works with my phone. I got a email from the company this morning saying it will arrive between 11.15 and 12.15 and it came at 11.30. After dealing with this company i would highly reccomend them to anyone else. The postage was very quick Thanks Dan
  9. Hi ive just purchased a throat mic set for my motorola TLKR-T5 from this site https://www.pmctelecom.co.uk/ the site did seem to have alot of different parts on there. I will let you know how quick the delivery is etc. cheers D-cross
  10. i think it was £35 for the day but it is well worth the hours drive and £35 it was an amazing day i would reccommend you go
  11. Just something to think about mate with the fox holes etc is health and safety. as i'm you know but you probably need insurance and you'll have to decler all of this stuff
  12. Went to this site on the 5th december and what an amazing day! The site is an old shopping mall ( i think its friars walk) which closed down a couple of years ago and these people lease the site. so you have the main shopping mall are and upstair with a childs play area but also the basement. the site is fairly varied so of it (like the basement) is very close but the main floor is very open but you can get through the shops from the basement so you have to watch your backs. The turn around of the games is very quick in the safety brief they say between 5-8 minutes and it is within that time. The safety brief is very thorough and the marshalls are excellent. to make my point first and only airsoft at the mall is probably one of the best game days i have ever had and to be honest i dont think i'd bother going back to ucap site cheers for reading Daniel