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  1. Glock has sold!!!!!!!
  2. pics as follows Uploaded with ImageShack.us This chest rig is a molle rig comes with 4 double m4 mag pouches a double m203 grenade pouch a bb bottle holder and a small utility pouch im open to offers on this Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us This glock 23 comes with 2 standard mags and a hi cap mag after £70 Uploaded with ImageShack.us This is my jing jong m4 s system. comes with the drop handle aswell as the ace stock and the aimpoint. comes with 5 mid cap mags 3 hi caps and a uv mag. The elctrics from the gearbox to the battery needs doing. im after at least £130 due to the mags and the stock Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us im going to sell this gun storage locker. 2 different locks with different keys. can fit two m4s and pistol after £50 all price are negotionable. if purchasing guns a ukarra liceince must be shown on purchase many thanks daniel
  3. Hi all I have decided to give up airspft due to funding. For sale I have a Jong Jong m4 s system with accessories a glock 23 with 3 mags as well as 95 pattern Dom clothes and a cheat rig. I also have comms with a throat mic. If you'd like any information then phone me on 07937201186 The m4 has electrical problems but can be sorted easily enough. I am located in Basingstoke so pick ups only and cash only Many thanks I hope this will help people out with lack of kit Daniel
  4. Hi my mate has a M14 that he's breaking for spares and ideally he's after M4 parts and shotgun shells. Just general airsoft stuff apart from M14 he is breaking the m14 for spares gun is complete last chronographed at 360fps but stock has broke Please PM me your offers Many thanks Dan P.S he is located in the Newbury / Basingstoke area and he only wants swaps to be made face to face so no postage.
  5. I buy my gear from Airsoftworld to and never had any problems. P.S does anyone know why it seems to be really hard to buy AEGs online now as everytime i go to buy something they seem to be out of stock forever, Mainly AGM, CYMA, JG. hi there i've heard that a lot of chinese clone factories got shut down as it's illegal to make replica weapons out there. when they got shut down the old bill over there took to moulds to make the guns
  6. if you have a acog on ur m4 when looking through it down the scope the dot should appear on top of the front sight point hope this helps dan
  7. i last went to the dentist when i was 13 and they done a root canal on my tooth but didnt give the anesthetic time to work, so ive never been back since lol
  8. Make: Tokyo Marui Model: MP5A5 Extra's: 1 mini 8.4v battery, Webtex 3 point olive green sling, Madbull python tight bore barrel and finally a scope rail. downfalls: typical skirmish marks and no magazines What am i looking for: prefferably another smg, weather it'd be a M4 cqb or a p90 tell me what your offering I am located near basingstoke so someone who is close is prefferable i will travel for swap within 20 miles of Basingstoke pictures: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Cheers Daniel GONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. pm's matey
  10. hahahahahahaha excellent lol
  11. you can get some of the uniform on ebay by the way im not too sure about it. i heard about the multicam with the pink but i thought it'd be a bit multicamp HAHA see what i done there hahaha
  12. what do people think of the new mtp pattern? http://www.army.mod.uk/news/18686.aspx
  13. hi is anyone going tommorow? The site is located near basingstoke and reading cheers dan
  14. hi, recieved the throat mic set up this morning and what a bit of kit. even works with my phone. I got a email from the company this morning saying it will arrive between 11.15 and 12.15 and it came at 11.30. After dealing with this company i would highly reccomend them to anyone else. The postage was very quick Thanks Dan
  15. Hi ive just purchased a throat mic set for my motorola TLKR-T5 from this site https://www.pmctelecom.co.uk/ the site did seem to have alot of different parts on there. I will let you know how quick the delivery is etc. cheers D-cross